Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Season Six, Episodes 1

So, is Jack really on the plane or is it an alternate universe? A Separate Reality (a book mentioned last season) if you will (like the movie Sliding Doors). Or, is that how the season is going to end? Is it a flash, flash forward to our last episode? While it's the least favorable ending (because it's highly predictable), it would be a proper close because if nothing ever happened, then this is how it would end. But we still have 14 or 15 more episodes to mull that over.

I understand we needed to give Juliet a proper farewell, as she had been with us for a long time, but I was ready for her to be written off last season. That, for me, was a waste of precious last LOST minutes. However, I understand that her coming back for this episode gave Miles the go ahead to let us all know "it worked." If that's so, then we do indeed have a separate reality kicking. But why oh why was Desmond on the plane?

It seems in Separate Reality-land that everything is the same as it ever was. Kate is still trying to get away. Sawyer is most likely going to con Hurley out of his lottery money, Locke is still in a wheelchair, Jin is a control freak. And our characters will continue bumping into each other none the wiser of what they have gone through together. No, God, please don't let it end that way! The only thing that stands apart: Hurley, who says he is the luckiest man in the world. Prior to all of this, didn't he think he was cursed? Hummm, how is it that he is the only one who didn't fall into the same old, same old?

In non-separate reality land, it looks as though Hurley is way more important than any of us could have ever imagined. Jacob picked him. He sees dead people. And he is the one who is demanding answers for us: "What's on the paper?"

We've now been told that the smoke monster is who I will refer to as Easu. We now know there is yet another group on the island (who I will refer to as Temple People), there is a fountain of life, Richard was once a slave and if you draw a black circle around yourself, you can't get eaten up by the smoke monster. All good to know. Also good to know: Jacob is now Sayid.

I'm going to go ahead and say that Richard being in chains meant that he was a slave on Black Rock. And I think he was enslaved with other Egyptians, who were forced to build the Temples, which is why we have hieroglyphics on just about everything.

Since my brain has suffered a nine month lapse in LOST analysis, I'm going to have to watch this again. I am, however, concerned they've introed a new group of people, because it's time to start wrapping this package up.

One final thought: Anyone else notice the episode is called "LA X" with a big old deliberate space between the LA and the X. Why not just LAX? What's that all about?


  1. Awesome that you now started a blog on this! Anywho...

    I don't know if Miles saying Juliette said, "It worked" means that we are now in a separate reality. Right before she died she was upset that they were still on the island - that it didn't work. What changed in those moments that made her made her realize that it *did* work? I feel like maybe she's referring to something else working. Unless she was going to say something else "important" to him before she died, but after she died realized that it did work and that's how Miles got that? Lol. Who the hell knows. It definitely is easy to think they are in a separate reality now though. Perhaps the fact that its "LA X" and not "LAX" is proof of that. I just have some doubts.

    In Separate-Reality land, not everything is the same other than Desmond being on the plane and Hurley calling himself the luckiest man in the world... Boone's stepsister Shannon was not on the plane (in tonight's ep he said that he left her in Sydney). Jack seems a little different - originally, a relatively calm & collected Jack was the one telling a nervous Rose that the turbulence is normal during the flight. In tonight's ep, Rose was the calm one telling a nervous Jack the turbulence was normal. Locke said he did the walkabout - when originally he was never allowed to join the trip. I remember feeling bad for Locke when he was denied that trip. Tonight on the plane, Locke seemed less of a broken man. I'm sure there are other differences, but those were immediate to me.

    And what's up with the cut near Jack's neck? I assume they pointed it out for a reason.

    Also, when Locke/Esau commented about Richard being in chains I figured maybe Richard what somehow a "slave" to Jacob (at least in Esau's point of view). And by Jacob dying, Richard was no longer in chains? Your theory is a good one, though.

    I definitely took notice to Hurley being a different man now that Jacob picked him. And yes, I agree with Jacob now being Sayid.

    Also, that fountain of life... isn't that where Richard either said or implied he'd take young Ben to after he was shot by Sayid?

  2. maybe juilette saying "it worked" means that when you now die on the island, you pop back into the other reality